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DEEJAY OBO - da live act DJ


Vocals, percussion, dance, DJ

Oboja Adu, choreographer, dancer, musician and DJ from Accra, Ghana, is the first "Ghanaian National Dance Champion" at the "Concord Malibu World Dance Championship" and won in 1989 with his group "Five Shining Stars" from Togo the "Ecrac Best Dance Group Award", the most desirable award for dancers in West Africa. Later they were the opening act for Jimmy Cliff's African tour.

He is the inventor of Afro-pop as a dance style, a dance trainer since 1994 in tanzhaus nrw and gives workshops in and around Europe.

After coming to Europe in 1992, the entertainment business soon took a great interest in Oboja` s talent and style. He now works on presentations such as videos, live and studio productions, for a lot of different artists, for example Jimmy Cliff´s "Trapped". As a musician he has played with groups such as "Time Bandits" (Düsseldorfer Soul Cover Band), and with Aja Addy and the Tsui Anaa (traditional African group), the Clou Experience, Music4Friends (Good Fellas, DEEJAY Plus), BikFellas and many others.

Oboja Adu´s own multi-kulti-band, the Obonixxx, 1998, were then touring with his second album "Che Che Kule".

Since 1999 he has been traveling as DEEJAY Obo, da live-act DJ at various events and projects in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Hungary, and of course at home in Germany, for companies such as Mercedes, BWM, Deutsche Bahn, DHL, Sparkasse, Shell, Aral, CeBit, Dr. Oetker, DTM, IFA Berlin, Igedo Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf Landtag, SieMatic, Siemens, Telecom, D2 Vodafone, Douglas and many more, just to name a few out of his long customers list.

In 2004 he started a non-profit project called "ENIJE" with the album "Africa Vio". This project which was started by Oboja Adu´s event agency KETEKE productions (founded 1994) as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). A platform to encourage artists to retain and develop the african art and culture, to bring the youth in connection with their culture and collaborate with other cultures. 2009 is was registered officially as "ENIJE for Afrika e. V. - promotion of art, cultur and education".